Ashleigh Dingwall

Ashleigh received her Bachelor of Science (BSc) degree with double major(s) in Ocean & Atmosphere and Environmental & Geographical Science from the University of Cape Town (UCT). She completed her BSc (Honours) at UCT’s Ocean & Atmosphere Science department where she specialised in the field of atmospheric chemistry as it pertains to industrial air emissions and pollution. Her thesis component focused on quantifying major seasonal sources of NOx and dominant formation pathways of aerosol nitrate in the Highveld region. Ashleigh has joined The Green House as the project intern on a GIZ funded climate change mitigation project for DFFE.

WWF Graduate Internship Programme

The Green House regularly hosts interns from the WWF Graduate Internship Programme. Please click here for more information on how to apply.

Dr Philippa Notten

Dr Philippa Notten, a principal consultant at The Green House, has an undergraduate and PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Since completing her PhD in 2001 Pippa has worked as a consultant in the USA, Denmark and South Africa. During this time she has contributed to a variety of industry-, EU- and UNEP-funded research projects in the broad areas of Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) and environmental decision-making. Pippa is an expert LCA practitioner with over 20 years of experience, primarily relating to life cycle assessment (LCA) and product environmental footprinting in the food, retail, and consumer good sectors, and in the primary industries (mining and power generation). Pippa is also an expert reviewer, having conducted critical reviews of LCA studies conducted on behalf of leading global companies. Her past research work has centred on developing LCA methodology, notably the development of a rigorous approach to the quantification of uncertainty in the information...Read More >

Dr Yvonne Lewis

Dr Yvonne Lewis is a principal consultant at The Green House. Yvonne has an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering (awarded with Honours) from the University of Cape Town and obtained her PhD from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Sydney, Australia. Yvonne has worked on climate change and sustainability related projects in South Africa, Australia, the United Kingdom, Lesotho and Botswana, in both academia and the private sector. Yvonne has extensive climate change and carbon footprinting experience and leads this area of specialisation at The Green House. Along with organisational, product and value chain (Scope 3) carbon footprinting, Yvonne also leads projects that involve the quantitative assessment and modelling of systems to support strategy, policy development and scenario and futures work for government and corporate clients. This includes mitigation assessments to meet net zero greenhouse gas targets. Yvonne’s academic background is in Life Cycle Assessment, carbon footprinting and ecological footprinting of urban systems and solid waste management....Read More >

Samantha Galvin

Samantha, our office manager, joined The Green House in 2012. She attends to the administration and bookkeeping duties to ensure the smooth running of the office, as well as providing logistical and administrative support on projects.

Alexandra Gower

Alexandra Gower is a senior consultant at The Green House. Alexandra holds undergraduate and Honours degrees in Earth Science from Stellenbosch University and an MSc in Sustainable Development and Climate Change from UCT. She began working at The Green House during an 18-month internship as part of the WWF-SA’s Environmental Leaders Programme, before transitioning to a permanent position. Her work at The Green House includes energy and emissions modelling, carbon footprinting and verification, greenhouse gas inventory reporting, low emissions development and life-cycle assessment research. As an expert Analytica modeler, she has been involved in projects relating to climate change mitigation in South Africa, including quantitative modelling of emissions projections across all sectors of the economy and scenario modelling. In addition, Alexandra has experience in training and developing Analytica training material.

Bianca van Zyl

Bianca has an undergraduate and master’s degree in Industrial Engineering from Stellenbosch University. During her studies, she specialised in agent-based simulation modelling, operations research, data science and analysis, and machine learning. Her final-year project involved modelling the spread of rabies in South African informal settlements, while for her master’s she applied machine learning approaches to the task of sentiment analysis in the field of natural language processing. Having explored a diverse range of fields, she decided to pursue a career in sustainability. At The Green House, Bianca provides research, modelling, and data analysis support for life cycle assessments and carbon footprinting projects.

Matthew Burke

Matthew Burke is a senior consultant at The Green House. He has an undergraduate and MSc degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town. His Master’s research was in the bioengineering field and included the design of algal reactors to improve growth while ensuring low energy usage. After completing his studies Matthew worked as a research assistant in the Centre for Bioprocess Engineering Research (CeBER) at UCT focusing on the production of bioenergy through anaerobic digestion and wastewater remediation. Since joining The Green House he has specialised in life cycle assessment (LCA) and carbon footprinting, along with combining the two to help companies fully quantify their value chain (scope 1, 2 & 3) carbon footprint. Projects have also involved LCA dataset compilation, Greenhouse Gas (GHG) inventory reporting, survey design and analysis, landscape approach mitigation planning, national material flow analyses and conducting various training courses on LCA and GHG reporting. Matthew has recently managed life cycle assessment, carbon footprinting...Read More >