Dr Philippa Notten

Dr Philippa Notten, a principal consultant at The Green House, has an undergraduate and PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Since completing her PhD in 2001 Pippa has worked as a consultant in the USA, Denmark and South Africa. During this time she contributed to a number of industry, EU- and UNEP-funded research projects in the broad areas of process technology assessment, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology development and environmental decision-making.

Pippa is an expert LCA practitioner with over 15 years of experience, primarily relating to life cycle assessment (LCA) and product environmental footprinting in the food, retail, and consumer good sectors, and in the primary industries (mining and power generation). Pippa is also an expert reviewer, having conducted critical reviews of LCA studies conducted on behalf of leading global companies. Her past research work has centred on developing LCA methodology, notably the development of a rigorous approach to the quantification of uncertainty in the information needed to support LCA, and the development of life cycle impact assessment indicators relevant to South Africa (water and biodiversity). She is active in the development and promotion of life cycle management, and is instrumental in an initiative to set up a South African life cycle inventory database.

Pippa is also an Adjunct Associate Professor at the University of Cape Town, associated with the Environmental Process and Systems Engineering Group in the Department of Chemical Engineering. Her collaborations with UCT include lecturer of an 8-credit LCA course, co-supervisor of final-year and MSc. students, and co-manager of the South African Regional Coordination Centre of the LCA activities of the Sustainable Recycling Industries programme.

Pippa is LCA subject editor for the Journal of Industrial Ecology, a member of the ecoinvent International Advisory Council, and a subject editor (coal) of the ecoinvent database.