Stakeholder engagement and facilitation and training

Sustainability challenges require the engagement of multiple stakeholders; to obtain their input, expert knowledge and buy-in, and to ensure a common understanding of both baseline data and visions for the future. Facilitating such technical and multi-disciplinary discussions requires not only experience in group facilitation techniques, but also a rich technical understanding of the subject area.

The Green House consulting team has many years of international experience in facilitation across a wide range of stakeholder processes – such as supporting biofuels policy in the UK, setting up a charter for the Centre for Carbon Capture and Storage in South Africa, the allocation of monies for minerals research in Australia, facilitating the WWFs Global Climate and Energy Initiative strategy sessions, developing the Coal Roadmap for South Africa and setting agendas for collaborative research groups.

As a complement to our facilitation services, we are also able to offer training on a range of topics related to our core business offering.