Life Cycle Assessment (LCA)

Life cycle assessment (LCA) reveals and quantifies environmental impacts and resource use along the complete supply chain of a product or service, that is, from the mining or production of its raw materials, through manufacturing, distribution and use of products, right on to the end of life. The Green House is one of the leading LCA practitioners in South Africa, having been involved in both the development and application of the methodology for over fifteen years. The crux of an LCA study is the quality of the data that underpins it. We work with the leading global database, ecoinvent, which together with our local knowledge and process engineering background ensures high quality, relevant assessments.

An LCA looks widely at all potential impacts of a product, including carbon footprint, water scarcity footprint, human health damage, ecosystem impacts and resource use. In our footprint studies we place particular emphasis in providing results in a transparent and accessible way. Also essential in our South African context is to recognise the socio-economic impact of products. Life cycle sustainability assessment (LCSA) provides a framework to take all three pillars of sustainability – social, economic and environmental – into account in decision making and design for sustainability.

The Green House is the agent for SimaPro in Southern Africa. We offer sales, support and training in this leading life cycle assessment software.