Development of a Minerals Beneficiation Strategy for KwaZulu-Natal

Main sectors: MINING, INDUSTRY


KZN Department of Economic Development, Tourism and Environmental Affairs

Problem Statement:

To develop a strategy to support increased minerals beneficiation in KwaZulu-Natal, with a view to the Province deriving maximum economic benefit and job creation from its mineral value chains in an environmentally and socially responsible way.

The Green House approach:

This multi-year research project undertaken in conjunction the Minerals to Metals Initiative at the University of Cape Town, was conducted over a number of phase:

  1. Project scoping that framed and defined the tasks and scope of the studies to be undertaken to inform the strategy.
  2. Background surveys that interrogated the status quo in the province in terms of activities and markets, and trends in the business and political climate in which the sector operates.
  3. Analysis of the contribution of five selected mineral commodities in terms of their socio-economic development, and the risks and opportunities associated with these commodities.
  4. Identification of advanced mineral beneficiation opportunities to define the value chains of the five mineral commodities selected for further analysis.

The research undertaken in Phases 2-4 involved significant stakeholder engagement, and was conducted via a combination of desktop research and interviews. Stakeholders interviewed included individuals from industry associations, businesses operating in the minerals and metals sector in KwaZulu-Natal, as well as nationally (where relevant), academic and government experts. The research also drew on surveys of international best practice, as well as national policy reviews.

This beneficiation strategy was developed based on the analysis of five mineral commodities, selected on the basis of their key strategic benefit to the province. These five commodities each formed a pillar to the strategy, with programmatic interventions identified for the various mineral commodities towards achieving the goals and objectives of the strategy.


The project culminated in the development of the final strategy document. The outcomes of background research to the strategy development were documented in six consolidated reports: Project Scoping and Background Surveys; Aluminium Value Chain; Iron & Steel Value Chain; Minerals Sands Value Chain; Phosphate Value Chain and Coal Value Chain.