Design of South Africa’s Climate Change Mitigation System



Department of Environmental Affairs

Problem Statement:

The National Climate Change Response White Paper identifies a number of instruments which South Africa has to implement to support mitigation of greenhouse gas emissions, including allocation of carbon budgets and specification Desired Emission Reduction Outcomes (DEROs). Furthermore, the Air Quality Act imposes a requirement for greenhouse gas reporting for certain stakeholders.

The Department has already implemented a number of actions for Phase 1 of what has come to be known as the climate mitigation system, which runs from 2016 to 2020. The Department commissioned this project for Phase 2 of the project, for the period post 2020.

The Green House approach:

The Green House is working with a consortium of partners on this project. The design of the post-2020 system takes into account the work that has been done to date, existing policy and legislation and global best practice towards developing a workable and fair approach to allocation and monitoring of the greenhouse gas mitigation burden.


The outcomes of this study, when completed, will be a proposed design of the mitigation system for the post-2020 period. The proposed design will be taken by DEA to stakeholders for consultation, prior to finalisation of the system.