Who we are

The Green House consultants have 35 years of combined experience in the sustainability field, working in industry, consultancy and academia in South Africa, Australia, Denmark, the UK and the USA.

Our experience spans a variety of sectors including mining, minerals, chemicals, energy generation, bioenergy, biofuels, water, agriculture, food, consumer products, retail and building materials.

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Dr Brett Cohen

Dr Brett Cohen, a principal consultant at The Green House, has an undergraduate and PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Since completing his PhD, Brett has worked on sustainability-related projects in South Africa, Australia and the United Kingdom, in both academia and the private sector. Brett also consults to the Energy Research Centre at UCT as an expert in energy modelling.

His primary services at The Green House include climate risks and opportunities, scenario and futures planning, technology assessment, industrial ecology, decision support, facilitation and strategy development. His interests include development of decision support frameworks, tools and modelling paradigms for supporting complex decision-making in the context of sustainability, in strategic, tactical and operational decision contexts. His work draws on experience from chemical process engineering, multi criteria decision analysis techniques, network theories, natural systems and economics to develop robust and defensible system models.

Brett is a C2 National Research Foundation (NRF) rated researcher.

E: brett [@] tgh.co.za

M: +27 (0) 72 434 2208

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Dr Yvonne Lewis

Dr Yvonne Lewis, is a principal consultant at The Green House and specialises in carbon footprinting, environmental management and the quantitative assessment and modelling of systems in support of strategy and scenario and futures work. She also has a keen interest in sustainability metrics and indicators.

Yvonne has an undergraduate degree in Chemical Engineering (awarded with Honours) from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and obtained her PhD from the University of Sydney, Australia.

Yvonne’s PhD focused on extending the capabilities of Life Cycle Assessment to include impacts from solid waste management, particularly in a mining, minerals processing and coal combustion context. This linked different types of systems modelling (both process and environmental) and included risk assessment elements.

After completing her PhD in 2004, Yvonne took up a post-doctoral position at the Centre for Environmental Strategy at the University of Surrey in England. Here, she worked in the field of LCA, focused on carbon added and value added along the chemicals, metals and building material supply chains. She also contributed to the development of a multi-criteria approach to assess the sustainability of bioenergy systems.

After returning to South Africa, Yvonne worked at the African Centre for Cities at UCT where she applied her quantitative analysis skills to the urban context, developing sustainability indicators and calculating ecological footprints and carbon footprints for cities. In this role, Yvonne helped to co-ordinate the Climate Change Think Tank – the City of Cape Town’s collaborative research initiative.

E: yvonne [@] tgh.co.za

M: +27 (0) 74 243 7408

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Dr Philippa Notten

Dr Philippa Notten, a principal consultant at The Green House, has an undergraduate and PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town in South Africa. Since completing her PhD in 2001 Pippa has worked as a consultant in the USA, Denmark and South Africa. During this time she contributed to a number of industry, EU- and UNEP-funded research projects in the broad areas of process technology assessment, Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) methodology development and environmental decision-making.

Pippa is an expert LCA practitioner with over 15 years of experience, primarily relating to life cycle assessment and product carbon footprinting in the food, retail, and consumer good sectors, and in the primary industries (mining and power generation). Pippa is an experienced peer reviewer, having conducted critical reviews of LCA studies conducted by or on behalf of leading global companies.

Her past research work has centred on developing LCA methodology, notably the development of a rigorous approach to the quantification of uncertainty in the information needed to support LCA. Her current academic interests include the development and promotion of life cycle management, and she is instrumental in an initiative to set up a South African Life Cycle Centre and a national life cycle inventory database, as well as in the development of life cycle impact assessment indicators relevant to South Africa (water and biodiversity).

Pippa is LCA subject editor for the Journal of Industrial Ecology, a member of the ecoinvent International Advisory Council, a subject editor (coal) of the ecoinvent database, and a member of the SETAC LCA Global Coordinating Group. Pippa takes an active role in the promotion and development of LCA, notably through membership activities of the International Society of Industrial Ecology (ISIE), the Society for Environmental Toxicology and Chemistry (SETAC), the African LCA Network, and UNEP/SETAC Life Cycle Initiative, as well as through participation in international workshops and conferences.

E: pippa [@] tgh.co.za

M: +27 (0) 82 077 7630

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Dr Lauren Basson

Dr Lauren Basson, a senior consultant at The Green House, has BSc and MSc degrees in Chemical Engineering from the University of Cape Town, South Africa and a PhD degree in Chemical Engineering from the University of Sydney, Australia. She has extensive experience in consulting and academia in South Africa, Australia and the UK on projects relating to modelling and decision support for technology selection and industrial network development, strategic planning and decision making towards sustainability. Key areas of expertise include Multiple Criteria Decision Analysis, Industrial Ecology and Industrial Symbiosis as well as Life Cycle Management (including Life Cycle Assessment and Carbon Footprinting).

Immediately prior to joining The Green House, Lauren was based at the Centre for Environmental Strategy (CES) of the University of Surrey in the UK where she was Director of the Postgraduate Programme in Environmental Life Cycle Management, Module Convenor of the postgraduate module on Life Cycle Approaches as well as Co-Convener and co-designer of the Value Chain Analysis module for the first EU Marie Curie Postgraduate School of Industrial Ecology. She was on of the initiators and co-investigators of the Evolution and Resilience of Industrial Ecosystems project (ERIE) sponsored by of the UK Engineering and Physical Science Research Council under its Complexity Science for the Real World programme. Lauren continues to contribute to academic research in Industrial Ecology and Life Cycle Management (including research collaboration with industry) through a Senior Visiting Fellowship at the Centre for Environmental Strategy (CES) of the University of Surrey.

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Kyle Mason-Jones

Kyle Mason-Jones, holds an Honours degree in chemistry and an MSc degree from the Department of Chemical Engineering at the University of Cape Town. His Masters research applied material flow analysis to the disposal of battery-related cadmium at landfills in Cape Town and identified relevant linkages to other systems in the city.

Kyle’s work at The Green House has assessed industrial and commercial energy efficiency and environmental performance at various scales ranging from single sites or products to sectoral analyses, and evaluated technologies and non-technological interventions for improvement in these areas. He has also undertaken resource and system modelling and research in a number of areas.

Sectoral experience includes agriculture and agroprocessing; minerals and mining; automotive components manufacturing; retail; chemicals and pharmaceuticals; textiles and power generation. He has experience in water and waste sampling, environmental analysis and computer modelling.

E: kyle [@] tgh.co.za

T: +27 (0) 21 671 1410

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Ilhaam Patel

Ilhaam has an undergraduate and MSc in Chemical Engineering – the latter including Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of bioenergy technologies. Since joining The Green House, she has been involved in research and analysis projects relating to the manufacturing, agriculture, energy, mining and dairy sectors, and in particular has been doing product LCAs and environmental product declarations.




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Samantha Hendry

Samantha is our office manager, who uses her strong admin skills ensure the smooth running of the TGH office. Samantha comes from an event coordination and accounting background.