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The much anticipated SimaPro version 8.0.4 has been released. Apart from the new ecoinvent database v3.1, it includes a new water footprint method and various software improvements. For a complete overview, please download the manual.

Integration of ecoinvent version 3.1

Ecoinvent v3.1 brings many new and updated datasets including several in the wood sector, food products and agricultural processes, energy processes, chemicals, building materials,metals, waste treatment processes, and transport processes, amongst others. It also brings back the recycled content allocation model of v2.2 (also called the cut-off method), as well as the cumulative energy and exergy demand of renewable energy flows, which were removed in version 3.0 of ecoinvent.

New Water Footprint Method

A new water footprint method has been added. The Water Accounting and Vulnerability Evaluation (WAVE) model enhances the analysis of fresh water consumption and the resulting consequences along a product’s supply chain. The method uses weighted averages to determine regional factors, based on the Pacific Institute’s data on freshwater withdrawal by country.

Software updates

Various improvements, new features and fixes are also to be found in version 8.0.4. These include a greatly improved Find Function and a new feature, the Project to Library Link Manager, to assist you with the update of projects to the new ecoinvent libraries.