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ecoinvent Version 3.0 is released!

The ecoinvent centre has released the much anticipated new version of the ecoinvent database. Version 3.0 has been several years in the making, and realises ecoinvent’s efforts towards greater geographical coverage, greater modelling flexibitliy, and more data. The ecoivent centre is a not-for-profit competence centre of five Swiss research institutes and aims to provide reliable, consistent and transparent life cycle inventory data for use in LCA and other environmental assessments.

Along with many new and updated datasets, ecoinvent Version 3.0 has a totally revised structure allowing many new features, including multiple system model choices, global supply chains, greater detail and more consistent information on product properties. All the details on the new features and their advantages can be found on the ecoinvent website.

The Green House worked with the ecoinvent Centre/Paul Scherrer Institute to build the dataset on South African electricity.

Ecoinvent Version 3.0 will be available in SimaPro 8.0.

PRé anticipate it will take about 3 months to implement the new database into SimaPro. SimaPro licence holders will be notified via e-mail when the upgrade to SimaPro 8 and ecoinvent v3.0 is available. You are entitled to an upgrade free of charge, if you bought an indefinite SimaPro 7 license on or after January 1st 2012 or if you have a valid Service Contract for SimaPro at the time of the release of SimaPro 8. If you would like to upgrade to SimaPro 8 and your SimaPro Service Contract is not up to date please contact us.