We have worked with a wide range of clients from International and South African corporates, government, NGOs and research organisations.

Sustainability is a multi-disciplinary field and in our work we leverage the right people to partner with us and augment our services, including economists, policy experts and social scientists.

A selection of recent clients and our partners include:

Case Studies:

• The South African Coal Roadmap (SACRM)
• Development of a Low Carbon Action Plan for South Africa
• Mainstreaming Sustainable Consumption and Production into National Development Planning with a
  focus on developing countries
• Investigation into the use of economic instruments to support greenhouse gas mitigation
• An Industrial Ecology Framework for the Coega IDZ East of the Coega River Masterplan
• Anglo American Scope 3 Assessment
• LCA of Packaging Options for Powder Laundry Detergents
• LCA of Milk Production in the Western Cape