Climate Solver 2015

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The Climate Solver challenge was launched by WWF Sweden in 2008 and has subsequently been rolled out to China, India, and South Africa. The challenge aims to create an international platform to display innovative technologies for reducing emissions of greenhouse gases and supporting energy access worldwide. The country platforms both help to profile new projects… Read more »

Carbon offsetter shorlisted for award

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Credible Carbon, TGH’s preferred carbon offsetting provider, has been short-listed as one of four finalists in the 2014 Eco-Logic Awards – Climate Change Category. The awards, which take place annually, are designed to identify individuals, organisations, products and services which strive to create a more sustainable world. The awards will be held on 17 September… Read more »

TGH reports on food energy nexus

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Two TGH papers, “Developing an understanding of the energy implications of wasted food and waste disposal” and “Energy as an input in the food value chain” have been released. The papers are available from the WWF, for whom these studies were conducted: On the website you will also find the final Food Energy Water Nexus… Read more »

SA Coal Roadmap released

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The South African Coal Roadmap which was authored by The Green House was released on 6 August 2013. The reports can be downloaded from the Fossil Fuel Foundation website. The Roadmap has been cited in a number of news articles including on Engineering News and Business Report.  

LCA on milk production

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The Green House’s life cycle assessment (LCA) study of South African milk production has been featured in the latest issue of the SA Association for Food Science and Technology’s quarterly magazine, FST. This study, undertaken for the WWF Sustainable Business programme, assessed the life cycle environmental implications of milk production in the Western Cape, including… Read more »

Energy Efficiency in Supermarkets

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The August 2012 Journal of Energy in South Africa includes an article co-authored by Brett Cohen of The Green House, which compares various options for improving energy efficiency in supermarkets. The article provides an extensive list of technologies available to this sector of the economy, and compares technology characteristics and performance, costs, financial benefit (measured… Read more »

Bicycling Empowerment Network

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The Green House is supporting the Bicycling Empowerment Network in promoting bicycling for mobility and poverty alleviation. We are sponsoring the training of two prospective Bicycle Empowerment Network entrepreneurs who aim to establish bicycle sales and servicing in areas with a need for affordable, low-carbon transport. Read more about BEN at

SACRM Update

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Phase I of the South African Coal Roadmap is complete, with the launch of the SACRM Phase I scheduled for early 2012. The process has been successful in bringing together the South African coal industry to discuss its key challenges and opportunities relating to logistics, infrastructure, exports, governance, climate change, environment, social impacts and water…. Read more »